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Under 1% House Edge! When the house keeps less you win more!
Compare these odds to any other Dapp or any casino game.
Read “How is the house edge calculated?” (below) for exact odds.

• When you first play, you buy a ticket in the form of a hash.
• This ticket allows you to play the game for the amount of your bet.
• After confirmation, it takes less than 60 seconds to get future blockchain data for your ticket.
• On your next play, you buy another ticket for the amount of your bet and at the same time check or scratch-off your previous ticket.
• If your previous ticket is a winner, your are paid immediately.
• Win amount goes back to address that bought the ticket.
• The payout is the ticket value x2, x10, or x100 depending on the game you played.
• By the third ticket, the process repeats itself.
• If you win or loose, each time you get a ticket for the bet amount.
• Tip: When done gambling, buy a ticket worth almost nothing.

THE WIN/LOSS COUNTS DO NOT UPDATE ON YOUR FIRST BUY because there is no previous ticket to check.

+ How is the house edge calculated?

+ How is it possible to win on every bet?

+ Where does the future blockchain data come from?

+ Why did my transaction fail?

+ How do you play without this Dapp(website)?

• The x2, the x10, and the x100 contracts operate independently.
• After installing MetaMask, you must add Polygon / Binance.
• x1000 contract, additional stats, and support for more wallets coming soon!

Polygon MATIC x2 Contract: (Source Code Verified)
Polygon MATIC x10 Contract: (Source Code Verified)
Polygon MATIC x100 Contract: (Source Code Verified)

Binance BNB x2 Contract: (Source Code Verified)
Binance BNB x10 Contract: (Source Code Verified)
Binance BNB x100 Contract: (Source Code Verified)

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