Under 1% House Edge!
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Polygon MATIC x2 / x10 / x100
Binance BNB x2 / x10 / x100

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Polygon MATIC x100

Win Amount 1.0
*Read all rules before playing.

Under 1% House Edge!
When the house keeps less you win more!
Possibility to win on every bet.
Use MetaMask or send directly to contract address to play.
Read full details here.

Must bet more than amount of gas used for the bet.
Your first bet buys a ticket worth your bet amount.
Your next bet buys another ticket and checks the previous.
Your third bet buys a ticket, checks the previous…
Tip: When done gambling, buy a ticket worth almost nothing.
Read full details to play game without Dapp.
Read full details here.

Polygon MATIC x100 Contract: (Source Code Verified)

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